Versaflex® VXR is a worldwide patented dry fit click tile system with a ceramic (technical porcelain) top surface to facilitate adhesive free sustainable floor installations. The system allows for quick installation and easy removal & replacing of components, enabling flexibility to change floor layouts as required.

The Versaflex® VXR system is developed for use in high transit & challenging commercial environments like car show rooms, high street shops, airports, offices and other high traffic areas. The system can be directly installed on a wide array of substrates, including onto raised access & mezzanine floors. Versaflex® VXR is a combination of pressured laminated layers, giving the product unprecedented technical properties.


Flexible & quick to install


Versaflex® is a unique European made product combining style and advanced technology. It has been tested and installed for over 10 years and now meets the requirements for the most challenging of commercial environments. The extremely accurate Versaflex® dry fit system allows for expansion and contractions of the flooring elements. Expansion joints are in most cases no longer required and the Versaflex® tiles can be installed on sub floors where tiles are normally not considered - such as raised access floors, mezzanine floors, chipboard based floors, steel floors and any other floor type that needs to allow for movement. Versaflex® tiles can be lifted in seconds allowing full access to all sub-floor services with minimum disruption.

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Cost effective

The overall cost savings of a Versaflex® porcelain (ceramic) dry lay floor are up to up to 40% compared to a conventional wet lay installation. The average maintenance cost savings of a Versaflex® porcelain floor over a period of 5 years are up to 85% compared to a conventional wet lay floor.  (Data are based on an average floor installation of 1.000 sqm / 10764 ft² and similar quality ceramics). 
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Engineered for performance

The Versaflex® VXR tile is specifically developed for high transit commercial environments. It has a very high breaking strength and is highly resistant to impact and shock. The VXR system passes the most strict shock resistance tests, outperforming traditional wet lay porcelain tiles. On mezzanine floors and raised access floors, the VXR tiles can deflect up to 5.5 mm.

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