Versaflex® was founded with a vision and a dream


The reality with traditionally laid porcelain tiling applications is that they can not keep pace with the changes required with today’s demand for fast changing and flexible business environments. Our vision was to develop a system to meet these needs. Furthermore we believed that every single flooring project should and could contribute to brand perception and business development. Our dream was not only that Versaflex® would be a versatile, high quality, creative system, contributing to the companys branding, but it would also be environmentally friendlier than conventional wet lay applications. 

Versaflex Systems was founded in 2005. The three co-founders realised that the method of installing porcelain tiles lagged behind other innovative products and installation techniques in the construction industry. Whilst many building elements allowed for relatively fast (re)configuration, being able to support fast changing business environments, the installation of wet lay porcelain tiles remained a laborious and painfully inflexible process. This lead to the belief among the co-founders of Versaflex® that there had to be a way to circumvent the problems and disadvantages associated with wet lay tiling, to make the tiling process flexible and reversible whilst keeping the fantastic appearance and great durability of porcelain tiles. Late in 2005 the first version of Versaflex® was developed. After many successful trials in 2006, a fully automated production environment was launched in 2007.

High transit projects such as car showrooms, airports and certain retail environments demanded larger overlay tiles with extreme product properties such as a very high impact strength and an extreme breaking strength. In 2013 the Versaflex® overlay system was revolutionised even further, leading to the development of Versaflex® VXR, an overlay tile suitable for use in almost any commercial application. In 2014 a state-of-the-art fully automated new production line began operation, producing today’s version of Versaflex®.

With the help of highly skilled support staff in North-America, Europe, China and other parts of the world the global presence of Versaflex® has become a reality. With the further planned expansions of the production and sales network our team stands ready for the future.

Richard Matthee, Cofounder