“We like the precision of the Versaflex® floor, its speed of installation and its reusability - all of which are consistent with our own vision of innovative technologies, efficient processes and minimizing impact on our natural resources”— Johan van C. - Retail Marketing, Samsung Electronics Benelux



Versaflex® overlay porcelain offers:

  • Installation of the porcelain modules directly onto raised access flooring - easy lifting of tiles with a suction cup to give immediate access to the raised access floor and underfloor utilities

  • Easy installation across multiple substrates without interruption

  • High speed of installation

  • Adhesive free installations - dry and dust free

  • Tiles can be installed later in the build process, eliminating the need for expensive protective covering

  • Immediate trafficking over installed floor during and after installation

  • Consistent and high performance - Versaflex® tiles have a very high breaking and impact strength (unlike porcelain tiles bonded to the raised access panels or tiles glued onto plywood)

  • Instantly replaceable modules

  • Future proof flooring – easy & quick alterations in floor design

  • Cost saving over conventional methods of installing tiles on raised access floors

  • Sustainability - Green guard gold certified - easy reuse of tiles

  • Compliance with the North-American CISCA norms for raised access flooring