“The Versaflex® dry fit click tile system not only met but exceeded our expectations. The visual appeal and quality of the product, ease of installation and the ability to apply the tile to a substrate (in our circumstance a raised floor) were just some of the factors taken into consideration when we selected the Versaflex® product.” — Tom B. - Chief Production Officer, Kubik



Versaflex® overlay porcelain offers:

  • A premium look - with a wide range of colours available

  • Real (technical) full body porcelain top surface - extreme wear resistance

  • Consistent and high performance – high breaking strength and impact resistance, shock absorbing (better walking experience)

  • High speed of installation – easy re-use of tiles at the next show

  • Easy installation across multiple substrates without interruption

  • Immediate trafficking over installed floor during and after installation

  • Easy lifting of tiles with a suction cup to give immediate access to the substrate - modules can be replaced instantly

  • Adhesive free installations - dry and dust free

  • Future proof flooring – easy & quick alterations in floor design

  • Sustainability - Green guard gold certified