“The real advantage of Versaflex® porcelain overlay in a time pressured situation is the fact that the rest of the interior fit out can carry on whilst the porcelain overlay is being installed which allows multiple trades to be in action on site at the same time”



Versaflex® overlay porcelain offers:

  • High speed of installation – shorter downtime, usage of floor at least 6 times quicker than with traditional wet lay tiling

  • Adhesive free installations - dry and dust free

  • Easy installation across multiple substrates without interruption

  • Immediate trafficking over installed floor during and after installation

  • Consistent and high performance – high strength, high impact resistance, shock absorbing (better walking experience)

  • A ΔLw18 dB contact sound reduction

  • Easy lifting of tiles with a suction cup to give immediate access to the substrate - damaged modules can be replaced instantly

  • Future proof flooring - easy & quick adjustment of floor modules to meet the latest trends and corporate needs

  • Sustainability - Green guard gold certified - easy reuse of tiles

  • Cost saving over traditional tiling - lower cost of ownership


Refurbishment projects: time saving and minimal lost retail sales

Time saving and flexibility are essential in today's build process. In the case study below a brief overview of the dry lay installation process is presented and the average installation time of a 1000 SQM overlay installation is compared with the conventional way of tiling.   

Versaflex® case study: installing over 1000 SQM dry lay in 2 days

This >1000 SQM case study is part of a retrofit program whereby a 2500 SQM showroom is split up in two areas, allowing for business to be continued in one of the areas whilst the other area is fully refurbished. Time saving is the key rationale for deploying dry lay as part of a refurbishment project.

Overlay versus wet lay

To offer a comparison between an overlay and a conventional wet lay installation, the average time required to install 1,000 SQM with both techniques are presented below:

Wet Lay – 7 days
Overlay – 2 days

Drying time time required before other trades can effectively work on the floor post installation (e.g. using a scaffold tower to fit lights)

Wet Lay – 7 - 10 days
Overlay – 0 days

Builders clean

Wet Lay - 3 days
Overlay – 0 days

The specific time saved using dry lay is project dependent.